Go2 - The URL Shortening Service

Another Free Service by NetChain Communications, Inc.

Go2 is Very Fast United States-based free URL Shortening and Redirection Service (hence the address .us) in oppose to many other international-based similar services. The last 2 digits stand for the country code. Every other 2-letter domain name which doesn't ends with .us have their DNS servers located in that country, which significantly slows down the response time. Ours is .US and it's located in the United States, therefore it's faster than any other similar service.

What is URL Shortening and Redirection Service?

  • Have you ever tried to write down on a piece of paper a very, very long address of a web site?
  • Have you ever tried to tell someone over the phone the web site address, but realizing that it's impractical for the same reasons - the address is too long?
  • Have you ever had problem of sending a link by email, because the link would break up onto several lines, and the recipient would have to copy and paste the pieces of that link, because the link is too long?

Well, if the answer to any of those questions is YES, then you need to use this service. It's free and require no maintenance, logins or registrations.

Long URL:

Simply paste your long URL address into the Long URL field, and press Generate button. The new, much shorter shortcut will appear in the Shortcut field.

You can also Drag this link: Go2 to your Links Bar for easy access from any website with just a single click.